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Doğa Dündar

Law Firm

Attorney Doğa Dündar

Law Firm


Since 2004, we have been providing advocacy and legal consultancy services to local and foreign clients both in Turkey and abroad.

What are we doing?

  • We follow legal affairs and transactions in Turkey and abroad.
  • We prepare the legal documents required to be written and submit them to the relevant authorities within the legal time limit.
  • We follow the legal documents.
  • We ensure that legal documents are delivered to the client.
  • If necessary, we obtain a written legal opinion from an expert expert.

How do we work?

  • We work by signing a power of attorney agreement.
  • We’re reading the legal paperwork.
  • After reading the legal document, we scan it on the computer.
  • We keep the legal documents in the physical file for 5 years and in the cloud storage ehm and on the computer indefinitely.
  • We handle all transactions related to legal documents.
  • We inform the client about the legal documents and the legal work or legal action, both via email and whatsapp.
  • We instantly deliver all the transactions we have made in the client’s legal file to the client via e-mail.


  • The legal actions taken are clearly stated in the attorney agreement.
  • A fee of 500.-TL for each hearing and 1,000.-TL for each petition is required.
  • Each file costs 1,000.-TL.

Please make an appointment for detailed fee information.