Who Are We?

We are law school graduates who are practical, solution-oriented, follow their work, keep secrets, reliable, pragmatic, work for the quick resolution of legal problems in line with theoretical information as much as possible, are registered with the Turkish Bar Association and perform the profession of lawyer in accordance with the Law on Lawyers.

How Do We Work?

We’ll establish a proxy relationship on the condition that we sign a contract. We use two types of contracts in our law office. One of these contracts is prepared according to the minimum wage tariff of the lawyer and the fee is paid when the work is done. In the second contract, a different fee tariff is applied. The work to be done is clearly written in the contract, the terms of the contract are clearly explained to the client.

What are the Legal Services We Provide?

First of all, we need to state that we do not give any guarantees regarding the legal work we will give. A proxy relationship is a bilateral relationship, so like a client, we sign the contract that we see fit. We only have a proxy relationship with the legal business that we know or think we can do and that the client has requested from us.

Why Should You Work With Us?

We make every effort to ensure that the client can reach one of us 24/7. We care about being prudent. We work transparently. Upon the client’s request, we will insure the case for 500.000.-TL.

Lawyer Minimum Wage Tariff

The 2021 Turkish Bar Association Lawyer Minimum Wage Tariff was published in the Official Gazette no. 31314 dated 24/11/2020.

Attorney's Proxy Fees

Turkish Bar Association Attorney’s Minimum Wage Tariff, as a result of the attorney’s proxy contract fees applied in 2021