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Non-Payment of Rent And Eviction

  • When the rent is not paid, a warning is sent to the lessee or the evacuation of the lessee is demanded by execution proceedings.

If the rental price is not paid, a notice is sent to the tenant via a notary or execution follow-up is made together with the original rental agreement.

In the notice made to the tenant, it is imperative that the tenant be given time to pay the rent, and with it, the necessary matters should be written in the notice as the notice is subject to strict form conditions. Otherwise, the eviction of the tenant cannot be decided. If the rental price is not paid within the given period, an eviction case should be filed for the eviction of the renter in the competent and competent court. The tenant cannot be evicted from the property without an eviction order.

The finalization of the eviction case and the eviction of the tenant take approximately 1-2 years in practice.

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