Free Legal Aid

We have free legal assistance to overcome barriers to individuals’ freedom of rights and to ensure equality in the use of freedom of rights, to benefit from legal services for those who do not have the opportunity to cover attorney’s fees and judicial expenses.

Our free legal aid service stems from the guarantee of the right to a fair trial and aims to create equality in the freedom of rights. As a requirement of the principles of the social state and rule of law defined in our constitution, the state must establish the necessary mechanisms to ensure equality in the use of freedom of rights and is created to bring these principles to life. The lawyer, who freely represents the independent defense, one of the founding elements of the judiciary, must also give the state all its support in order to implement these principles while performing the profession of public service.

Who Can Benefit?

Applicants who are right to pay attorney’s fees and judicial expenses without falling into an important obligation in terms of the livelihood of him and his family, and who are right at the request for judicial assistance, may benefit from judicial assistance.

Free Legal Assistance Request

A free request for legal assistance can be made by telephone, email or application to our office.

The applicant is asked for the necessary information and documents, investigations are made deemed appropriate for the rightfulness of the request, and a free legal aid decision is made if necessary.

Making Free Legal Aid

If a free legal aid request is accepted, a mutual agreement is signed and the situation shall be reported to the bar. The applicant will pay the lawyer 15 of the financial benefit to be paid to us if he gets a financial benefit at the end of the job; If it is later understood that the request for legal assistance is unfair, a commitment shall be taken that double these fees and the costs made will be returned with legal interest.

In order to meet the judicial expenses, it is requested in accordance with articles 465-472 of the Law No. 1086 dated 18/6/1927. In the event of a refusal of this request, the relevant person must meet other jurisdictions other than the attorney’s fee. Otherwise, a request for free legal assistance may be rejected.

Upon acceptance of the request for judicial assistance, one or more lawyers may be assigned to carry out and carry out the necessary work and procedures. The attorney’s obligation terminates after the applicant does not give the necessary documents and information for the free legal service to be seen and the mandatory judicial expenses other than the attorney’s fee, or refrain from suing power of attorney.

Payable Fee

In court, district court courts or district administrative courts, the departure fee is paid with the presence of Ankara or the District Court in the trial works to be held. If the lawyer deem it appropriate, the trial can be followed through another lawyer.

Documents Requested for Free Legal Aid Application;

  1. Ikametgâh İlmuhaber (Mukhtardan)
  2. Knowledge of Poverty (Mukhtardan)
  3. Photocopy of Birth Certificate
  4. Document on Whether or Not The Land Registry Registered on it is registered and e-government output related to immovable registration throughout Turkey
  5. E-Government Vehicle Registration Query
  6. Payroll/Income Certificate (4a-4b-4c Income Certificate to Be Received from Sgk if it is not working)
  7. There’s a lawsuit filed with Document Copies
  8. The House He Lives In Ise Deed Record Photocopy, He Lives in Rent If He Is Sitting Without Rent Or Payment Receipt, If He Is Sitting Without Rent, The Article Showing That He “Lives Without Rent” From the Person He Lives Next to

Note: Documents Exceeding 1 Month Will Not Be Accepted.***