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Detection of the tereke

Tereke is the estate left to the heirs of the deceased who inherited it. In general, since the immovable assets of the heir are known in Turkey, the determination of the property is not requested. However, in some cases, it is necessary to determine the estate of the deceased.

After the death of murisin, the shares of the heirs are determined by the probate declaration to be requested from the notary or the competent and competent court. After the probate declaration is received, all assets of the muris are immovable and moved to the relevant tax office and inheritance and transfer procedures are made. It is based on the statements of the heirs when making probate and transfer procedures. However, in some cases, the whole tereke is unknowable. For example, murisin may have real estate in various parts of Turkey, or money may have been transferred from the muris’s bank account to a third real or mutual fund or to another legal entity. If this transfer was made with the intention of smuggling goods from the inheritance, it is necessary to follow up on the money transfer. Since this information is confidential, it may not be easy to track down the unintentional transfer of money. Likewise, it may be necessary to determine the safes belonging to the testator and the movables in these safes.

In the event that the heir is not fully known or suspects that there is a deficiency in the estate, the determination of the estate should be requested.

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