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Will in Turkey

Issuance of Wills in Turkey

  • The will can be made in three ways and the most reliable method is to make a will by notary ingenuity.

In Turkey, the will can be made in three ways: by handwriting, by notary ingenuity and verbally.

The most reliable method of making the will in Turkey is to make the will in the notary. Although in practice some people make wills by hand-writing the will to a third party, this carries some risks. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to make a will in the notary, which is the most reliable and cheaper method.

In order to make a will in the notary, it is enough for the will to apply together with the identity of the notary closest to him. If the person is a foreigner, an interpreter will be required.

Since a court decision is required to prove an oral will, oral wills are not applied much in practice.

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